By, Antoinette Silicato


When was the last time you felt wild and beguiled, like a simpering whimpering child? For me, it was when I found myself nearly walking on air, following an interview I did with the gifted artist, Alexandria Lee. From the time she gracefully made her entrance in the Beat Café, art section of downtown Las Vegas, it was clearly apparent that I was looking at a most authentic young lady, which gave me a feeling of acceleration as we began to speak.

Alexandria recalls that as a young girl she always loved make-believe whether it was dancing, drawing, writing, anything and everything creative and by the time she was in high school she had lots of fun taking part in numerous theatrical productions. When she began studies at the UNLV she was not quite sure of her direction and began majoring in Architecture. Lasting over a year, she then switched her major to Fine Arts. Becoming knowledgeable in the language of the diverse art forms she was being introduced to, it was conceptual art that spoke to her soul. Developing her individual voice as an artist, she won First Place in the Contemporary Arts Collective’s Annual Juried Exhibition for her painting, “Concentration” after her third year in art school, 2009.

For her final year at the university, this free spirit went to Italy to obtain credits from their study abroad program. While living in the beautiful environs of Viterbo, Italy, Alexandria lights up as she confesses that it was the “fountains” that inspired her the most. She feels that the architectural beauty of the fountains and the manner in which the water flows from their openings were an example of the spectacular ways that Italians understood, then and now, the creative ways of enhancing life.

Returning to Vegas and graduating from UNLV, Alexandria set her sights for Los Angeles and after learning how to deal cards from the Nevada Gaming School, within a year of saving money from tips; she was ready to make her move.

Moving to Los Angeles, no time was wasted by Alexandria as she set her studio up and immersed herself, day after day, at the foot of her easel, eyeing her ready canvas with palate in hand and rich vibrant colors of choice eager to be set to form out of the steady stream of ideas she’s driven by: freedom – political views – humanism. Stroke, stroke, slide, dab, dab! As she creates, “being true to who you are” is at the forefront and root of her expression from start to finish. Her love for painting the human face is the most important component to her paintings and she is emphatic when she says “people are the most important thing in the world.”

A girl all about town, Alexandria was quickly exhibiting her paintings in art group shows around the Los Angeles and Hollywood area. She was also active with “Your Magical Party” an organization where she entertained at kid’s parties, baptisms, and the like. With the kids, she played games, made face paintings, put on magic shows offering song and dance, and she also portrayed all of beloved Disney characters from Cinderella and Snow White, to Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse. When she played Rapunzel, she even rode in on a white horse. Too cool!

Los Angeles has opened lots other creative opportunities to drop into Alexandria’s lap as well. She has been involved with short films, danced and acted in music videos, as well as did print work as a dancer and model. The biggest art show, at this stage in her career, was when four of her paintings were exhibited with other highly regarded artists, David Lachapelle, York Chang, and Austin Young for the group show “Consumptive” at Garboushian Gallery in Beverly Hills. When I asked who some of her favorite artists are, without hesitation, she quickly declared that Dutch painter of the Renaissance era Hieronymus Bosch, German expressionist painter and print maker Otto Dix, and Spanish surrealist painter Salvator Dali are among the top artists who have greatly influenced her. As a swing dance competitor, she was also active with the group, Hollywood Hotshots. Landing a role in an independent film, she was whisked away to Paris with the videographer and even though the film hasn’t been completed, she had an amazing time on Parisian soil.

2012 – Returning to Las Vegas, in less than a year she has already been nominated for best visual artist of Los Angeles for RAW Artists, a national organization. Out of a hundred artists, Alexandria was picked by the founder of the organization to show her art at the National Awards Show. This will take place on January 13, 2013 in downtown Los Angeles. For tickets, visit:

With fashion being another of Alexandria’s passions, she was tickled all over when she told me that she had just won “best dressed” for the Celebration of the End of the Prohibition at the Moon Night Club, just the night before we met. Her 1920’s outfit was the sure winner, of $1,200!

To make matters even more colorful, Alexandria recently auditioned for the Blue Man Group and landed the role. She will be playing the first female character in the Blue Man Group, portraying the character “Showbot”.

As an extremely driven person, Alexandria feels enormously blessed. Her vision and goal is to contribute to the world by influencing as many people in the best way possible. In her heart of hearts, she knows that she is a humanitarian and believes herself to be a spiritually alive person.

Alexandria presently has a studio in Emergency Arts, 520 Freemont Street (corner of 6th street), Las Vegas, 89101. Get to know Alexandria and her art by visiting her website.

For Alexandria, the sky is the limit and even the sky won’t be able to contain her. Let’s stay caught up with this vibrant young talent as she continues to make her mark in the art world as a humanitarian.

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